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Resins for Peptide Synthesis

Peptide synthesis resins from AAPPTec are affordable, high quality products that increase your chances of a successful synthesis. All resins for peptide synthesis from AAPPTec are highly uniform beads, 100-200 mesh, without small or broken beads that can clog filters and frits. All AAPPTec resins for solid phase peptide synthesis are available in gram to kilogram quantities.

All AAPPTec peptide synthesis resins have 1% DVB crosslinking, with peptide synthesis resins containing 2% DVB available upon request. Substitution levels of AAPPTec peptide synthesis resins are typically within the range of 0.5 mmol/g to 0.8 mmol/g with other substitution levels available by special order.

Solid phase peptide synthesis resins for producing peptide acids are Merrifield and PAM for Boc-protection chemistry and Wang and 2-Cl-trityl, the predominant peptide synthesis resins used in Fmoc-protection protocols.

The peptide synthesis resins available for preparing peptide amides are very limited in Boc chemistry. MBHA is the solid phase peptide synthesis resin most often used to prepare peptide amides by Boc chemistry . In Fmoc chemistry, there is a greater choice of resins for peptide synthesis. The most popular solid phase peptide synthesis resins are the Rink Amide Resins. Sieber amide resin is a special peptide synthesis resin that can be cleaved with very mild conditions and is used to prepare peptide amides that have the peptide side chain protecting groups in place.

Oxime resin and HMBA resin are special peptide synthesis resins for preparing peptides with a variety of C-terminal modifications. Peptide amides, peptide esters, and peptide acids can be prepared from the same peptide resin by utilizing different nucleophiles to displace the peptide from the resin.

DHP resin and Weinreb resin are special application peptide synthesis resins used for preparing peptide alcohols (DHP resin) or peptide aldehydes or ketones (Weinreb resin).


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